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San Francisco Personal Injury & Insurance Claims Attorneys

Guy O. Kornblum is available as an expert witness on issues pertaining to evaluation of insurance and personal injury actions, standard of care in civil litigation, and insurance claims handling. He has qualified in both federal and state courts as an expert on these issues.

New -- Guy Kornblum & Associates Offers Estate Planning Services at Reasonable Costs

Guy Kornblum is also available for mediation services. Please visit Guy Kornblum Mediations at www.kornblummediations.com

"If you are a young family unit, newly married, or are just getting started with a partner, or have nieces and nephews to whom you want to give your estate, we can help you design an estate plan. Most of us put this aside as we think we can get to it later. But life has its way. And the best plan is to have a plan -- you need a Will, perhaps a Living Trust and a Power of Attorney (over your affairs if you are incapacitated) and a Health Care Directive so someone can make health care decisions for you if you cannot.

If you have a young family, you may need to consider life insurance. You also need to look at what insurance you have. Do you have adequate auto coverage for you and your family. What if you or a family member is injured by a motorist with NO insurance. Who pays the bills then?

We can help you with the Basic GKA Family Plan. We have fixed rates to go over your affairs and make sure you have the protection you need. Avoid Probate, provide for a succession plan, and make sure you have taken care of your personal desires so that your family is spared the burdens of doing that for you.

We can help. Call us for a quote on the Basic GKA Family Plan. Reasonable prices for legal assistance to give you peace of mind."

California Insurance Claims Lawyers

Do you know where to turn when you are involved in a serious injury case or your family suffers a death or injury as a result of an accident caused by someone else? We can help you with not only your claim against the wrongdoer but also with rebuilding your lives and those of loved ones.

It is not just about the lawsuit and compensation for the injury but is also about how to resolve the matter quickly, efficiently and in your best personal and financial interest.

Whether you need proper medical care after a car accident or you want proper compensation after a denied insurance claim, the right attorney can make all the difference. At the San Francisco law offices of Guy Kornblum and Associates, we protect the rights of injury victims and their families and provide resources for you so that you can rebuild your lives.

We have helped many to recover. We can help you.

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As a client and result-oriented firm, we are supported by experienced lawyers and paralegals. Our founder, attorney Guy Kornblum has worked as a trial and appellate lawyer for over 40 years and has handled over 4,000 litigated matters in that time, including many cases worth over $1 million.

Practice Areas

Representing plaintiffs, claimants and personal injury victims, our practice is dedicated to fighting insurance companies on behalf of consumers and small businesses. We handle cases in a number of practice areas, including:

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If you are involved in any type of legal dispute involving an insurance company, make sure you do everything you can to fight back. From our San Francisco law offices, we can provide you with the resources and experience you are looking for. Call 888-366-4395 or contact us online today to start looking for answers.

Message from our founder

Welcome to our website. We pride ourselves on over 30 years of service and results for our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can help you.

Our emphasis is on the preparation and presentation of YOUR case. Whether in the courtroom or conference room, your interests are paramount. We emphasize dispute resolution, so it is important that we establish strong client relations, and give your matters the urgent consideration that they deserve.

Please contact us to arrange a first conference – without charge. We work on contingency on appropriate matters and are always willing to discuss a fee arrangement that works for you.

We look forward to that first meeting and to discussing your matter.

My Best, Greg O Kornblum

Mr. Kornblum was selected as the "2010 Best Lawyer" in the San Francisco Bay Area in a poll conducted by the Nob Hill Gazette, a prominent San Francisco publication.

Over 40 Years Of Experience
Our Results Include: $450,000 Personal Injury case involving mild traumatic brain injury
If you are contacting us from this website, please call one of the following numbers for a free initial consultation. 415.666.2823  888.366.4395 Toll Free Our Areas of Practice News and Articles

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Mr. Kornblum is the co-author of three books:
“Litigating Insurance Claims: Coverage, Bad Faith and Business Disputes”; and “California Practice Guide: Bad Faith”, published by The Rutter Group; and “Negotiating and Settling Tort Cases", two volumes, published by Thomson West.

He has authored well over 150 published articles and monographs on trial practice, discovery, civil procedure and insurance law.